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Office:FREE SMS Zimbabwe- (c/o Webdesigners), Regal Star Hse, Backend Shop 6, Ground flr, Cnr G. Silundika/1st str,

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FREE SMS Zimbabwe

With FREE SMS Zimbabwe (, you can text netone, econet and telecel for FREE. Just register, verify your number and login to start texting. Your account is topped up daily. No Contract. Read more...
Corporate Clients

We can seaminglessly integrate an unbranded SMS platform into your business- be it a Bank, Hospital, Car sale etc and you can start using the system to sms your clients at low SMS rates (<3c/msg) & avoid local tariffs of 9c/msg. Read more...
SMS Shortcodes

Want to run an advertising campaign or voting competition eg Big Brother Africa with users texting "Vote Vimbai" to 32005? Our system is the solution for Shortcodes advertising with an integrated auto reply platform at competitive rates. Read more...

eTEXT BulkSMS is the commercial side of FREE SMS Zimbabwe available at for everyone in & out of Zimbabwe. Texts costs 2- 3c/msg depending on quantity. See its wide range of features here. Read more...
Resellers/ Agents

For those who want to run their own SMS business, our Reseller package is the perfect solution. We provide you with your own unbranded website portal and offer you SMS rates for as low as 1.9c/msg. Click here for a Demo. Read more...
API SMS Integration

We also support developers who want to build their own website but use our API (in HTML, PHP, NET or JAVA) for their SMS integration. The API also comes with a desktop appln & an online interface. Click here for a DEMO. Read more...
Demographic SMS

We have a large database of cellphone numbers all sorted demographically by age, gender, profession and location and based on your requirements we can bulk sms to the target market group you require. Read more...
SMS Advertisers

For as low as 1cent/msg, we can embed your 60 character SMS advert on our outgoing FREE SMS thus opening your business to a wide heterogeneous market. Text messages have a 94% read rate hence guaranteed conversion ratio. Read more...